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For a limited time only, you can actually get land in any state in the USA...FREE. Yes, Free land for you or for anyone to whom you care to give some. All you have to do is select a state on the next page. And you can give a gift of land free too.  It's like giving free gift cards or free gift certificates that are printable as presents to your friends and family.

OK, so it's only one square inch of land, but it is land, and it is free land. How many of your friends can claim that they own land in Colorado, or California, Hawaii, or even New York? For that matter in any state? Make sure you read the
Landowners' List page to learn more about this incredible free land offer.

It's Free, It's Fun and It's Legal.


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The free land can be accompanied by colorful Deeds which are personalized, individually numbered and in a frame or on a beautifully finished walnut plaque. They'd be great in an office, hung on a wall or on a desk...or in a den at home. This is the type of creative, personalized gift idea will have your gift recipient thinking of you for years to come.

Adults, children - especially the "person who has everything" are sure to be thrilled with this unusual opportunity to claim FREE LAND and Own A Piece of America with personalized DEEDS TO THE UNITED STATES.

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Free Land in the USA

It is every American's dream to own become a own a place that you'll be able to call your very own. Many things hold us back from this dream, from the price of land or maybe the distance between where you live now and place you would like to own land. Well now you can forget the price and forget the distance and live that great American dream.

Can you just imagine getting Free Land in Hawaii? Or Free Land in Alaska? How about Free Land in Florida? Or in California, New York, Kansas, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana or any state you desire.

Own a Piece of America a program started by American Acres, Inc. is giving land away FREE. That's right, free land for you, your friends, family and all visitors to their website. Granted, the amount of land they'll be granting you and all is small.only a one square inch parcel of land, so being able to retire there or build a home on it is impossible, but it is free land.

This is not a scheme that may seem questionable as many may think at first blush; it's completely legal. It even comes with a deed to the small parcel of land that you own. (It'd be like receiving a FREE e-card gift if you get it immediately as an free email deed.) The entire concept was approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) as a novel way to own money.just for the fun of it.

Own a Piece of America is running 3 specials on their deeds right now. For $0.99, you get your state deed delivered immediately to you by email, or with participation in partner offers, you get the same immediate service, and the third special is a biggie; with partners participation you get land in all 50 states free.a $19.95 value delivered in the blink of an eye.

The most fun about this FREE GIFT offer is that you can also gift land, the same square inch anywhere in the United States that you will receive, to any one that would appreciate be-coming a land owner, or anyone with a great sense of humor. This unique free gift is great for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or graduations. With Christmas just around the corner these offers for free land is certainly worth a look.

Probably the best part about this free land offer is that you are not going to pay taxes on it. Not only is it free land, but it is tax-free land. And forget about home owner associations, community meetings, and the responsibilities of trash removal and upkeep. This is probably the only truly free land you'll ever find.

To claim your free real land choose the state that you'd like to be a landowner and fill out a form; it's that easy to become a property owner. You get a colorful deed that can be framed and looks great anywhere, a den, living room, or office space. Your deed includes your name and its own individual number, for unique identification.